Is Iran safe for tourists now? (Is Iran safe to Travel?)

Iran is safe to travel for tourist

Is Iran safe for tourists now? (Is Iran safe to Travel?)

Is it safe to travel to Iran 2018?

Is Iran a safe country to visit

Let’s check how safe is Iran these days for tourists. As all of us knows when we are planning to travel safety is one of the important factors for us in that country. We would care for every aspect that could influence our security and health and safeties. In that case diseases and also peace & war conditions and crime statistics would be so important for us. So we start searching these issues on social networks and media broadcast and internet. At the end of 2017, maybe you heard some antithesis news about street protests in Iran, that made lots of tourists worry to travel Iran. Today we write this article for travelers who have this question, that Is it safe for tourist to go to Iran these days? You know over these years there are lots of economic problems all around the world and most of the governments have lots of issues to solve this problem, as you know Iran is behind a very harsh sanctions these years and this makes lots of problem for Iranian people, so what is behind these protest is because of economic problems and lots of jobless people. maybe You see such these protests in European countries or even in your country and all around the world these years. So this is not domestic war, Its sound of some poor and jobless people who want to be heard by government. So these protests would not make any safety issues for tourist or even for Iranian people who are living in the country. Iran is the safest country in middle east. you see its also safe for solo travelers and you could search and read about their good memories in Iran. Iranian people are so warm and hospitable especially for foreigners, this is part of their culture. About health care actually, there are no Egyptian diseases (Malaria,….). So you just to do routine vaccinations.

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    I’m a solo traveler and there are many country that I visited during these years. I traveled Iran last year and I was realy excited, It was totaly different with medias and news images. Iran is safe and I really enjoyed my days in Iran. They are really open to tourists.

    5 years ago


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