How A Good Tehran Tour Package Could Be In Travel To Iran


General Information about Tehran

Tehran tour packages provide you a visit to the capital of Iran, a city situated at the lower region of Alborz mountains with an approximate elevation of 1180 meters above sea level that has a population of about 15 million people.

The area of Tehran city has been verifiably known as Ray, which is currently a county at the south of the present-day city. Its history goes back to 6000 BC and has been the capital of Medes and referenced since the commencement till now. With the rise of Qajar dynasty, the present capital city gained its significance when it was declared the capital of Iran in 1795. Royal residences were built one after another and continued to be built under the following line, Pahlavi dynasty.


Why should you visit Tehran?

Tehran is home to numerous historical collections and well-known landmarks. Often underrated as a tourist destination for those who travel Iran, nothing will give you an overview of contemporary Iranian life more than Tehran tour packages. It is politically and socially Iran’s cutting edge, and from the relatively bold fashion statements of its childhood to the range of eateries, cafés, and modern art galleries and exhibitions, as a visitor you can’t resist the urge to take note in a Tehran tour.

Tehran is the home of a UNESCO world heritage, Golestan Palace. It was the throne of the Qajar family which came to power in 1779. The palace incorporates Iranian and western architecture together, representing another style which is yet a motivation to Iranian craftsmen until today.

Beside as Tehran is located in southern part of Alborz Mountain Range, You could book best Iran adventure tour packages such as ski tours in one of highest ski resorts in Iran like Dizin or Tochal resort. Also you could have wonderful adventure trip to Mount Damavand region and enjoy your time in a Mount Damavand climbing tour or slide on the virgin snow powder in a Mount Damavand ski tour.


5 Reasons You Must Visit Tehran

  1.  Tehran is the capital city of Iran
  2.  Most famous museums of Iran are located in Tehran
  3.  The largest bazaar of Iran is in the heart of this city
  4.  It is near Alborz Mountain range and 2-hour drive to the highest volcano of the middle-east Mount Damavand
  5. Beside cultural tours you could enjoy adventure tours

What Are Tehran Tourist Attractions?

There are lots of beautiful tourist highlights in Tehran. But we suggest you to include at least one of the worthy to visit highlights in your Tehran tour package.

Golestan Palace

The glories and overabundances of the Qajar rulers are happened over this highlight of Tehran, a complex of grand structures decorated with beautifully painted tiles and set around an elegant garden that’s worth visiting in all Tehran tour packages. Inside this spot, you can see various sights like Takht-e Marmar, The Hoz Khane, Talar-e Ayene, etc.

Sa’d Abad Museum Complex

It is a royal residence built by the Pahlavi dynasty in the Shemiran area in the north of Tehran city and currently, official habitation of the President of Iran. Covering 110 hectares and including 18 separate buildings, this highlight of Tehran will take you a decent three hours to see everything. This sight of Tehran tour includes the eclectic Nations and the well-curated Fine Art Museums. And for those whose preferences run to particular subjects, there are exhibitions covering royal vehicles, military stuff, royal costumes, and even royal tableware.

Iran National Museum

The National Museum of Iran is filled with a noteworthy scope of treasures and items from the 30,000 years of human habitation in the Iranian plateau which is often included in different Iran tours. This great highlight of Tehran is the combination of two exhibition halls, the old Muze-ye Iran-e Bastan and the second structure, built on the green grounds of the old Archaeological Museum, went through quite a few, and hasty changes of the inside.

Tehran Grand Bazaar

Despite being known as the Grand Bazaar, most of the architecture in this spot is less than 200 years old, although there are some gems to be found. The maze of bustling alleys and the bazaris (shopkeepers) that fill them make this an intriguing, if fairly daunting, place to investigate. With over 10 kilometers of twisted back streets loaded up with covered shops, haggling customers, and general commotion, you will discover everything from jewelry to carpets and pots and pans for sale here in most of the Tehran tour packages.

Niyavaran Complex

In the Alborz foothills is the palace where Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and his family burned through the vast majority of the most recent 10 years of imperial principle. It’s set in 5 hectares of arranged gardens and has six separate museums, the best of which is the elegant 1960s Niyavaran Palace, with its spotless lines, lavish inside and sublime carpets.

Treasury of National Jewels

Owned by the Central Bank and accessed through its front entryways, the enormous vault that houses what is commonly known as the ‘Jewels Museum’ is not to be missed in Tehran tour packages. The Safavid, Qajar and Pahlavi monarchs decorated themselves and their belongings with an amazing range of priceless jewels and valuable metals, making this collection of bling truly jaw-dropping. Star pieces include the Globe of Jewels and the Peacock Throne.

Azadi Tower

Designed by Hossein Amanat, it ingeniously joins modern architecture with traditional Iranian impacts, most notably the iwan-style of the arch, which is clad in 8000 pieces of white marble. It’s worth going inside in a Tehran tour to see the complex structural engineering that forms the bones of the design and for the view from the gallery at the top.

Milad Tower

The Milad Tower is one of Tehran’s most famous structures and the most prominent component of the city’s skyline familiar for all travel Iran. Completed in 2007, it stands at an impressive 435 meters, making it the 6th tallest tower in the world at the time. Looking somewhat like Menara Kuala Lumpur, its octagonal concrete shaft tapers up to a pod with 12 floors, including both encased and open observation decks, an exhibition, a cafe, and a revolving restaurant.


Tabiat Bridge

The Nature Bridge or Tabi’at Bridge is the biggest pedestrian overpass built in Tehran city. The 270-meter bridge connects two public parks, and its design has won several awards. As a rule, bridges are structured in a straight line, and that straight line will create a one-point viewpoint that will tell you to just go. Be that as it may want to keep people on the bridge. It provides a good view of Tehran and it’s ok to hang there till midnight in Tehran tour packages.

Iran Mall

This giant mall is located in the northwest of Tehran by the Chitgar lake. The Iran Mall is the world’s largest shopping mall. It is not only a shopping mall but a complex of cinemas and International restaurants and family entertainment centers. You could feel the rich Iranian architecture and art in designing a modern shopping mall. If you are interested in art, there you could find some art galleries and Iranian hand-made exhibitions.

What Are The Best Tehran Foods and Souvenirs?

In Tehran city, you can try many delicious Iranian foods and drinks; including Tahchin, Fesenjan, Zereshk Polo, Baghali Polo, Dizi / Abgoosht, Mirza Ghasemi, Âsh Reshte, different Kebabs, Khoresht (Iranian stew), Flatbreads, Faloudeh, Halva, etc.
You can also find art and crafts from different parts of Iran in here as well, like Ghalamkari and Ghalamzani, Gerehchini, Tar & Setar (National Musical Instruments of Iran), Negargari, Silverwork, Woodcarving, Writing, and calligraphy.

Which Are The Best Tehran  Restaurants and Cafes?

There are lots of restaurants and cafe’s in Tehran with different food style and environment. You could find many traditional restaurants besides many modern or international ones. It depends on your taste to choose which one, but here we introduce you to some of the best ones in each category.

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