Land of culture and nature? Terrorist country? Hospitable people? Not safe to travel? These are inconsistent sentences that you may hear in the news or your friends may say when you announce them, you’ve planned to travel to Iran. But what is the truth behind all these? Here we want to explain more about Persia history & Iran location, which would be useful to know before you go to this beautiful country and may help you to discover the facts about Iran.

If you want to travel through Iran and Persia history, you would find it as one of the oldest civilizations in the world which related to the fourth millennium BC with the formation of the Elamite kingdoms. The greatest extent of the country went to the time of Cyrus the great, the empire of Achaemenid in sixth century BC. He succeeded stretch Persia from the Indus Valley to Eastern Europe and make his empire as the largest monarchy in history. Being an extensive territory made Persia a multi-cultural country and rich with the valuable historical heritage sites which are leading to listed as the 19th World Heritage Site in UNESCO and ranked fourth in Asia and 12th in the world.